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(*)..Dumb Blonde Jokes and More..(*)

Everyone loves dumb blond jokes, right? I mean even if you're blonde
(like me) you'll have to admit that they are pretty funny! So I found these blond jokes,
and other jokes, that I got off of the web or my friends told me!

(*))*((*)Blonde Jokes(*))*((*)

What do you do if a blonde throws a pin at you?
Run! She's probably still holding the gernade!

Why did the blonde tip-toe past the medicine cabinet?
She didn't want to wake the sleeping tablets!!

How Blonde Was She? She was sooo blonde that she:
Tripped over a cordless phone- Sent me a fax with a stamp on it- she thought a
quarterback was a refund- she spent 20 minutes staring at the orange juice carton
because it said concentrate- she thought Boyz 2 Men was a day care center- she told me
to meet her at the corner of WALK and DON'T WALK- She thought General Motors was in the
army- She sold her car for gas money- At the bottom of the application where it says
"sign here" she put Gemini- It took her two hours to watch 60 Minutes- Under
education for her job application she put "Hooked On Phonics"- She tried to drown a fish-
She got stabbed in a shoot out- She thinks that Taco Bell is the Mexican Phone Company-
When she heard that 90% of all crimes occur in the home she moved- she tried to put
the M&M's in alphabetical order-

A Blondes House was on fire so she called 911 and said, "My House Is On Fire!"
The man at the fire department asked, "Can you tell me how we'll get
there?" and the Blonde replied, "Duh! In the big red trucks!!

How did the Blonde burn her ear?
The phone rang while she was ironing!

Did you hear about the blonde tap dancer?
She fell into the sink!

How do you make a blonde laugh on Wednesday?
Tell her a joke on Monday!

What do you call a blonde with 2 brain cells?

How did the blonde die while raking leaves?
She fell out of the tree!

A blonde walks into a restaurant to get some lunch, and while she's deciding on what she
wants a waitress comes up. The blonde looks up and notices the waitress's
name tag on her shirt.
so she says, "Gee, that's nice. What did you name the other one?"

What do you call a blonde with half of a brain?

10 Blonde Science Fair Projects:
10) Are poisonous snakes really venomous?
9) Is lighter fluid flammable?
8) What hurts more: falling off a building, or a cliff?
7) Are knives sharp?
6) Can sharks hurt a human?
5) What happens if I stick my hand in a piranha aquarium?
4) Can I break my arm hitting it against a wall?
3) Can I eat broken glass and live?
2) Can dogs talk?
1) Are blondes really dumb?

Why can't a blonde dial 911?
She can't find the 11!!

A blonde and a brunette are walking down the street when
the brunette says, “Look, a dead bird!” So the blonde looks up!

Two blondes were going to Disneyland when they came to a fork in the
road. The sign read: "Disneyland Left."
So they went home.

Why did a blonde take a ladder to the bar?
She heard that the drinks were on the house.

What do you call a blonde with died brown hair?
Artificial Intelligence

Did you hear about the blonde that tried to blow up
her husband's car? She burned her lips on the tailpipe!

What's the difference between a smart blonde and big foot?
Maybe sometime we'll find Big Foot!

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