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Hey! Welcome to my site!! I hope you enjoy it!

I love making websites. I am reeeeaaally good at HTML now! I like to put Javascripts and stuff like that on my sites. They're so cool!

What do you think about the World Trade Center bombing? I think they should build it back up! It should be taller than ever with a huge American flag waving and a HUGE picture of a middle finger sticking up. There should also be a marquee that says Afganistan and Bin Laden SUCK!! America Rules!! over and over and over again. That'll show them. E-mail me your ideas and I might post them on my site. Whether you're a socialist piece of crap or a Libretarian(like me) you should have a say!

Comments? Questions? Concerns? E-mail me at! I will help you with whatever. I especially love to hear your ideas for things that I should add to my site.

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