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:..Come-Backs and Quotes..:

.You Wanted 2 Hold My Hand, I Let You.
.You Wanted 2 Kiss Me, I Let You.
.You told me that u loved me.
.and that I was it...
.Now I know that boys like u are full of Sh*t!

...Good Girls Are Sweet...
...Good Girls Are Nice...But We're the Naughty Ones...
...With Wipped Cream And Spice!

How come you have enough time to go out and make other people fall in love with you,
but you don't have enough time to pay attention to the one who already does?

SMILE!! It scares people! :)

.:~*a kiss blown is a kiss wasted*~:.
.:~* the only real kind of kiss is a kiss tasted*~:.

...God made mud, God Made Dirt...
...God made guys so girls can flirt...

gUYs ArE LikE SliNkIes,
IT's AlWAyS FuN 2 WatCh ThEM FaLl DowN THe sTaiRS

^^Remember My Name, Remember My Face^^
^^Cuz There Ain't No Other Honey that Can Take My Place!^^

>Someday You'll Cry 4 Me, Like I Cried 4 You*<
>Someday You'll Miss Me Like I Missed You<
>Someday You'll Need Me Like I Needed You*Someday You'll Love me, But I Won't Love You!<

==I'm a Princess! I Live In the clouds!==
==If you wanna kick it wit me u'd better bow down!==
==So get on your knees, and Call me Your Highness!==
==cuz Baby, Believe me, I AM THE WORLD's FINEST!!==

Do I Look Like A Grocery Item 2 You?
Cuz I See you Checkin Me Out!

If you're nice you can call me sweetie...If you're sweet you can call me honey...
and if you're hot...U Can Call me 2night!

| I'm threw with guys, they all tell lies|They break you're heart|
and make you cry|loving guys is such a sin|
| Hey, Check out that guy that just walked in!|

~*~One day your Prince will Come~*~
~*~Mine Just took a wrong turn, got lost~*~
~*~and is too stubborn to ask for directions!~*~

they say true LOVE hides behind every corner...
I must be walking in circles!

+If I Called The Wrong Number Then Why Did You Answer?+

For All of You Who talk About Me BeHind My Back: Thanx 4 Making Me The Center Of Your World!

"*:.U can only please one person per day ~*~ 2day isn't your
day, and 2morrow doesn't look 2 good either.:*"

.:*"I may not always be right...but I'm NEVER Wrong"*:.

If u hate Me I love u 2! it's not my fault I'm Cuter Than U!

`*.What You See Is What You Get.*.Make Your Move.*.You won't regret.*`

...*Never underestimate the power of Stupid People In Large Groups*...


.:-*I'm Not Blonde! I'm Knot, I'm Knot, I'm knot!*-:.

East to the Sea, West to The Lands...Death 2 The girl Who Touches my Man!

~*If You want me 2 fall 4 you, u'd betta give me sumthing worth trippin over!*~

\/i'm not weird...I'm gifted\/

Mirrors don't talk...and LuCkY for you they don't laugh!

had betta take some sLEepinG pills baby....
cz the only place ll get me is in r dreamz!!

'.'I don't come with don't play me'.'

@}--I set my eyes on the cutest guy...never thinking he'd make me cry--{@

BoYs R lIkE rOlLeR cOaStErs, ThEy MaKe YoU SiCk oR
tHeY GiVe yOu thE tIme Of yOUr LiFe!

*...*Stand up for what you believe in...even if you are standing alone*...*

~ Rose's Are Red ~
~ Violets Are Blue~
~ The Sun Is Hot ~
~ And So Are U ~

-*this is an inside joke and you're on the outside*-

Computers: A really HOTT mistake...that's my reflection!

Im not a lie, Im not an illusion, m an angel so whats the confusion???

iF My aTTiTuDe CaUsEs yOu AnY DiSTrEsS CaLl 1-800-KISS MAH AZZ!!

Oops, It looks like you just lost the chance you never had!

^_See My Halo, Bright and Shiny...Mess Wit Me and I'll Kick Your hiney!_^

"what u see is what you DON'T get-so drool on...dream on...Move On!"

Earth Is Full! Go back home.

Everyone has the ability to please people.
Some by entering a room, and some by leaving it!

You can fool some people all of the time and all the
people some of the time...and that's just long enough
to be President of the United States!

~*Whoever said that money can't buy happiness obviosly didn't know where to shop!

Your village called...they want their idiot back!

God Made Mountains...God Made Lakes...
God Made You...But Hey, We All Make Mistakes!

I didn't ask to be a Princess, but hey, if the crown fits!

~*:.It's better to let someone think you're an idiot then.:*~
~* open your mouth and prove it.:*~

Why is a rose the symbol of love when a rose always dies?

Don't Piss me off, I'm running out of room 2 put the bodies.

If America has the right to free speech then
why do we have telephone bills?

~*I didn't lose my mind, i know exactly where i left it!

..:..An apple a day keeps the doctor a way..:..
..:..if the doctor's cute, forget the fruit..:..

You can close your eyes to things you dont want to see,
but u cant close your heart to things you
dont want to feel.

I dont have an Attitude Problem...Its supposed to be like this!

"Im not a toy So Don't play w/ me!"

Two Words Guys Hate: Don't & Stop...Unless you Put Em Together!

~*:.I don't hav a I don't need your Bull.:*~

hE LuVz mE, He lOvEs mE NOt, I DONT CARE....
i aM HoT, No MaKe uP, nO rUlEs,
I GoT Da tOoLS, GOT Me?

+'I still miss my EX...but my aim is improving!'+

GuYs ArE lIkE cRaYoNs...64 iS BeTtEr ThAn OnE!!


Hi. I am probably home. I'm just avoiding someone I don't like. Leave me a message, and if I don't call back, it's you.

))*((Don't think of it as losing, think of it as getting beat by a girl!))*((

If YoU dOn'T LiKe WhAt YoU SeE...OoPs...
I fOrGoT EvErYoNe LiKeS wHaT tHeY SeE
If ThEy'Re LoOkInG aT Me!!!

>If barbie is so popular....then why do u have 2 buy her friends?<

*.Act your age and not your shoe size.*

It's not an's the way I am!!

Roses are red violets are blue
sugar is sweet and so are you
but the roses are wilting, the violets are dead
the sugar bowls empty and so is your head!

..*My Door is always feel free to leave*..

If women were made to chase men,
Don't you think God would have made them worth chasing?!?

((*))If you don't stand for something you'll fall for everything((*))

*Guys don't say ex, they say next*

You hurt me so bad, You even made me cry,
All I ever wanted was for you to love me,
For you to give me a try

Computers: freezes up on me, it plays games w/me,& i can turn it
on w/ a push of a button..yah! ~you could pretty much call it a guy!!

~Love isn't blind...chances are that you're the one that's blind!~

...A friend is someone that sees you cry...
...a true friend has a soggy shoulder from it...

(*)Everyone has a photograhic memory...some people don't have film(*)

i gave u my heart- and u took it with care-
but u played around- so love me...dont dare-
dont take my hand- and make me cry-
cause soon enough- ur love will die-
and who will be there- to hold me tight-
to help me live- live over the fright-
of painful fears- that i cant let go-
just give me up- because i love u so

A KiSs iS jUst A kiSs tiL u FiNd ThE oNe U LoVe
A HuG iS jUsT a HuG TiL iTs ThE 1 Ur ThiNkiN
oF A dReAm iS jUsT a DrEaM TiL u MaKe iT cOmE tRuE
LoVe iS jUsT a WoRd tiL iTs PrOvEn To U!!!!!
*..*Love can sometimes be magic, but magic can sometimes be an ILLUSION!*..*

Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die
Clothes and MakeUp Boys and Lies
Will 4eva Be There Till Da End
Defition of: True Best Friends

If you be sugar, I'll be spice
If you be fire, I'll be ice
If your cold, I'll make you hot
As long as you give me all you've got
*)Guys r Players... and thats a fact... Dont fall n love... just play 'em back!!(*

Honk if you love Britney Spears, then drive your car into the nearest tree!

Question: WhY dO tHeY cAlL It FrEnCh kIsS If ItAlIaNs Do iT Da BeSt?

Silence is golden...but shouting is fun!!

Scientists say 1 out of every 4 people is crazy, check 3
friends, if they are okay, you're it!

I cry every nite wishing u were mine, but when i talk to you, you make
everything fine, You broke my heart and thats a true crime,
All I wanted was for you to make time!!

When you fall into love, be prepared for the other person to fall out...
most relationships DON'T last a lifetime!!

Some Kiss Behind The Garden Gate Cuz Luv Is Blind, But Neighbors Ain't

Know everyone you love but dont love everyone you know

Don't treat me any differently than you would the Queen!

EVIL is just LIVE spelled backwords

Every time I fall in love...I fall for someone new...
Still I always find myself...falling back
in love w/ you!!!

I know milk does the body good, but damn boy,
how much milk did you drink?

If love shuts the door, go through the window

*Tears Are Words The Heart Can't Say*

..:-*You are definatly not as pretty as diamonds...
but your head is just as hard!

I'm On A Mission To Get Over You....
In Other Words *Mission Impossible*!!

.:~*Blame Someone else...and get on with your life*~:.

--Learn from the mistakes of others, you can't live--
--long enough to make them all yourself--

:..:Only 10% of all men go to Heaven:...:Cuz if they all Went it'd be hell!:..:

What a coincidence... I love me too!

~*The only fool bigger than the one who thinks he knows it*~
~*all it the one who argues with him*~

Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?

Never fight with an ugly person...they have nothing to lose!


Men are like public toilets,they're either taken or full of crap

...Never take life too seriously, no one gets out alive anyway...